What is Capoeira?

The ancient art form of Brazilian Capoeira developed over 500 years ago by African people in Brazil to celebrate life. It was a fundamental building block of Brazilian culture and united diverse communities residing in Brazil. The art is a mixture of indigenous, African and Portuguese influences. Capoeira today has changed dramatically from its origins 500 years ago. Today it is a folkloric expression of Brazilian people that has become a nationally recognized art.

Capoeira combines dance, music, song, acrobatics and philosophy. The music tells stories of the present and the past and is an important part of creating the ambiance of the art. The art is played between two people inside a circle called the “roda”. Capoeira's philosophy teaches people key life skills such as confidence, self-discipline, fitness and self-respect. Across the United States and worldwide, Brazilian Capoeira is practiced by people of diverse communities. It is an art form that has gained as much popularity as soccer!

Kids Benefits

Creative Movement Brazil encourages strong life skills through the practice of Capoeira Angola which builds a solid foundation for the next generation of kids. 
Our curriculum encourages studies in cultural awareness, history, music, fitness and creative thinking.

Capoeira Angola is one of the oldest disciplines of Capoeira held strong through such groups as Tabcat Detroit. Today Capoeira has become a known 
sport throughout the world and helps develop awareness, dance, respect, acrobatic movements and excellent sportsmanship.

Health Benefits

  • Children will learn coordination skills that helps strengthen motor skills.
  • Capoeira Angola will help build a responsive metabolism to combat weight gain.
  • Speed will develop with consistent repetition of all movements taught in Capoeira Angola.
  • Children will learn to find their line of balance and develop core control.
  • The practice of Capoeira Angola helps develop excellent mental functions and better focus in school.

Social Benefits

  • Capoeira Angola teaches discipline and life skills.
  • Children will develop confidence in the right choices.
  • Capoeira Angola build the self-esteem of everyone through learning that you are limitless.
  • Children will learn sportsmanship and the connection of harmony within the roda.
  • Capoeira Angola develops self-expression through physical fitness and dance.
  • Children will learn the structure and etiquette within the roda.

Teens & Adults Benefits

Today's generation of teens are in need of balance and structure to move into the next step of their adult life. Our classes provide teens with a balanced
environment filled with creative thinking, responsibility and fun. As shown above our teens have gained the knowledge and confidence to help everyone
understand that it all starts from somewhere. For our adults Capoeira Angola gives you a energizing experience while learning a new culture. Creative Movement Brazil
also offers our students the opportunity to travel to Brazil to continue their training and growth in Capoeira Angola.

Health Benefits

  • Increased energy, you will feel amazing after a class filled with good energy and fellowship.
  • Flexibility is also another bonus of practicing Capoeira Angola each movements develops elasticity within the body.
  • The practice of Capoeira Angola helps develop excellent mental functions and better focus in school.
  • Capoeira Angola will give you the total fitness workout that you have been looking for. The results include core training, stamina, strength, flexibility
    and cardio conditioning.

Social Benefits

  • In Capoeira Angola you will gain a new circle of friends.
  • Practice of Capoeira Angola is a great stress relief from a long work day.
  • Experience a different culture as Capoeira Angola originates from Brazil with a rich history.
  • Capoeira Angola instills self-esteem and pride through achieving your goals and developing your own unique creativity in the roda.

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